The playmaker is the key to any successful team. Names like Glen Hoddle, Gazza and Gerrard spring to mind. But to influence a game you have to give them the ball.

So take the opposing playmakers at the Saturday Session in the Cage of Dreams. For the Blues there was Scouse Phil who was at the heart of every move and involved in most of the goals while Roustabout Russ, for the Wine Gums had worse service than a corona virus kebab shop. The result was a foregone conclusion at 10-5 to the Blues.

But there were other contributory factors: Gums’ keeper Big H was forced to play out after Mad Margaret pulled a backside-high ham string, Oh My Cod! was also carrying an injury and was less than mobile and The Cat in the Blues goal had a welcome ‘good’ day and made impressive save after save to keep his team in it.

To MM’s credit, she could have limped off and skulked home but gamely played on in goal even though her skills in that department are not exactly anything to write home about.

The match was played in good spirit in the rain which alternated between light drizzle and chucking it down. Hot shot of the morning was Charley Farley who scored six goals – including two, well-dispatched penalties – despite close defensive attention.

Scouse Phil took a brace with Medhi and New Hugh chipping in with one apiece. Hugh made a record-breaking and ball-busting five blocks on the trot from Big H thunderbolts and left with more bruises than a dropped peach at ALDI.

The Gums just didn’t get the ball to Russ in any meaningful way and from scoring a hatful in the week he didn’t get one against The Cat today.
Pistol Pete pulled the trigger twice to score his brilliant brace, Ali got one cracker and Big H scored the other two in a valiant but in-vain comeback.

Despite the score line it was a well-fought match with only one contentious VAR moment when Howard conceded a hotly-disputed penalty which had him raging for five minutes. The old Howard would have belted the ball out of the cage and got the bus home but Howard Mark II contented himself with a self-contained rant and a chuck-down of his hat.

All in all, a good session, fun in the rain and a few impressed spectators to boot.

MOM: Charley Farley for his double hat-trick.