Word is beginning to spread about the Walking Football revolution in Hastings. The Over 50s now have a proper club to join and tonight two new players threw themselves into the fray.

Mark and Ersin hadn’t played for a while and took a few minutes to get into the swing of things – the temptation to run is almost overwhelming for a newbie! (Unless you are Medhi – who is 67 – or Steve and just give in.) Ersin scored a great goal and played with skill alongside fellow Turk Hassan in the Blues side. Mark soon slotted in well and will only want to forget one wayward shot which didn’t do him justice. He linked well with his buddy and Russ to give his first assist.

It was a three-team session; Poppi marshalled the Lemons with the Iranian Assassin, Mad Margaret and New Hugh while Chairman Phil skippered the Wine Gums with Granite Bob in the goalkeeping form of his ancient life! A double save of point blank efforts from Mehdi crowned his performance.

Paul Hutton gave everything as he does week after week and took one great goal; Russ’s strike was an absolute peach after a one-touch build up involving The Turkish Motormouth and Mark but the two best goals of the night were struck in 30 seconds by Scouse Phil. One bobbled and swerved under the diving Cat, the other gave him no chance down to his right.

Elsewhere, The Cat made a string of top-drawer saves and played in every game, switching sides as demanded. One left-handed save from New Hugh down to his left was only beaten by a last kick of the match stop from Phil. Deathless goalkeeping.

It was a very cold night, but a good turn out of 13 saw a lot of great football played with a series of close matches. The skills on show were applauded by a group of displaced teenagers who could not believe what was being shown them in The Cage of Dreams. These old codgers can REALLY play.

MOM: Granite Bob for his incredible double save.