Second week back on the Field of Dreams ( also known as the field of turds) while the vandalized cage is being fixed. It was a straight 60-minute fight – in three chukkas – between the Blues led by Scouse Phil and the Wine Gums skippered by Big H. And for 35 minutes the Blues reigned supreme and led by 4-2. Howard was the busier keeper blocking two good efforts from the Chairman and one from Magic Ali in the first two minutes. Oh My Cod was on great form and was turning and shooting well – but a bit too high for the man in the middle’s liking.

All kudos to Gorgeous George for turning out on a Bank Holiday and there was a good show from all corners of the Hastings WF family with the return of two new players from last week ( Mark and Legendary Reg), the arrival of two newbies ( two-footed Andy and Tall Nick) and the welcome return to combat of Bob the Binman. They joined most of the signed squad and sole rebel Mad Margaret in a well-contested game which saw a hatful of goals.

It was a goalhanger’s paradise out there and MM and Medhi the Assassin took full advantage. She scored a personal best of four and Medhi scored five ( six if you include his calamitous own goal) leaving the Cat with a punctured ego and a sore arse from being plonked on it so often. He barely made a save all night as the Gums’ goals flew in and ruefully wondered what it might have been like to have a couple of defenders instead of four strikers on his team.

Goal of the night was disallowed but came from Speedy Steve who showed great skill all evening, putting his laces through a cracker from 15 yards. Oh My Cod also scored a couple of beauties turning on a sixpence and keeping the ball low. Legendary Reg put a cracker past The Cat in the second period after the Gums’ best move of the night and when Poppi came on to boost the Blues’ morale at 7-4 down he made an impact too.

In fact, the Gums’ turnaround came when Big H played out for three goals while the Motormouth went between the sticks. That switch turned the game and the Gums never looked back. It was great to hear the Medhi roar again after he slid in his third, fourth and fifth ( two shamefully through the Cat’s legs) and Margaret’s lockdown training paid off. The lads had never seen her hit so many shots on target and if she keeps that kind of form up in the cage who knows what the sportswriters will say. Scouse Phil took a brace well and Matty netted a couple with B the B scoring the rest. It wasn’t a night for the keepers; it was a strikers’ game.

MOM: Mad Margaret.