One week back in the Cage of Dreams and a record attendance of 23 players at training. The Hastings 1066 Walking Football dream is fast becoming a reality. And when the WF Sussex Superleague returns ‘The Pirates’ will be a force to be reckoned with. There will always be a small band of rebels, who will never join the club, but once that’s accepted the CoD will always resonate to the sounds of great football.

Rebel Ersin stunned opposition tonight with two goals from his first two touches of the ball. And the Blueberries – skippered by England triallist keeper The Cat – never looked back, scoring the most points in a round-robin mini three-team tournament that saw them concede only once all night. (That was a well-taken strike by Matty after a dual cock-up by normally dependable rebel defenders Pistol Pete and Little Phil.)

The Assassin(67) nutmegged Hassan in the Wine Gums’ goal for another victory and later scored the winner in the last match against the returning Puffing Paul Hutton – back after his stroke and looking good on it. The crowd of disinterested teenies and long-suffering partners heard Medhi’s roar across Alexandra Park.

Speedy Steve, for the Gums, didn’t get a shot off all night although one pearler against the Cat (who has a trial for the England team feeder unit in May) went in but was ruled out for running. No surprises there.

Gorgeous Georges was the Monday night man in the middle and, when not laughing, or allowing loud-mouthed appeals to fall on his deaf ears, had a good game with very few disputed decisions.
Because of the numbers, the teams rolled subs on and off, but next time we ought to split into four teams to make the Cage less congested. A lot of donkey-braying about overcrowding and not playing off the sides was largely ignored.

Goal of the night, and possibly of the season, was scored by El Jay for the Gums with a stunning strike that gave Big H no chance in the Lemons’ goal. H and the Cat, who has a trial for the… blah blah blah, both pulled off a few great saves as usual. Howard’s best with his legs from a Pete thunderbolt, and The Cat’s a fingertip tip around from Chairman Phil.

The crowded pitch meant some of the players who thrive on space were confounded but Rusty’s return after trowel duty was a pleasure to watch. A great debut from Archie Andrews saw him emerge as a good player and Legendary Rog De Vito linked well with Cliff and Margaret in midfield for the Blues.

Quietest night of all was had by Motormouth Hassan who came away with only a bruised toe to talk about to anyone who would listen. Man of the Match: shared by Rebel Ersin for his early goals and Rusty who oozed class all evening

MOM: Ersin and Rusty