Summer evenings have arrived in Hastings. And with it comes the blinding setting sun which can make spotting a football speeding out of it a tricky matter.

Nevertheless, a great turnout of 21 Over 50s clustered around the Cage of Dreams eager for another night of scintillating walking football. Nobody was disappointed; Gorgeous Georges selected four teams: Matty, Rusty, Speedy Steve, Marco van Gasman, Puffing Paul and Big H donned Blueberry bibs. The Lemons comprised The Assassin (67), Chairman Phil, Bob the Binman, Mad Margaret, Chris and The Cat while the Wine Gums outfit comprised Poison Pete, Paul Reardon (making a welcome return), Popdark, Mark and Ricky DLTN. The Skins’ team included Granite Bob, Archie, Magic Wond and Toffee Joe.

On paper, the Blueberries had the strongest team but were slow starters and it took them a couple of games to get into their walking stride. But, once they did, they were unbeaten in four outings with Big H keeping a well-deserved clean sheet throughout. The Lemons held them to a nil-all draw and that was the closest anyone got.

Game of the night came in a 3-nil drubbing of the Lemons from the right boot of The Gasman. He curled an absolute beauty around the Cat, who stood rooted to the floor at the Posh end. Paul Hutton and SS were the other scorers in that game.

Most of the games were close-run affairs. Scouse Phil scored a pair of beauties against Ricky who kept his Gums in most of their games with a string of good saves. The Cat made at least four breathtaking stops to keep the Lemons in touch but was at fault for two goals he shipped with poor distribution and a dodgy right foot.

The Lemons won one, drew two and lost one.

Maggie again found more space than any other player on the park and had a couple of shots that went wide. Poppi had a quiet night for him, playing up front instead of his usual midfield role and West Ham Paul scored a cracker against the Lemons, returning the Cat’s rollout with interest.

All the bickering and moaning came predictably from the one side who let their mouths run riot but Georges was unperturbed and stuck to his guns, allowing the games to flow with a lot of advantages.

Speedy Steve marked his Skins opponent out of the game and was unruffled despite a number of hard challenges. That lad can hold his own in any company. As a result he wins top honours for keeping his temper and not allowing pure aggressive muscle to rattle his sublime skills. Granite Bob had a good night and Archie again showed his class along with Rusty who hardly put a foot wrong all night. Another great session for the Club and we go from strength to strength with incredible news to be announced soon.

MOM: Speedy Steve