The old year was seen out with a big bang at the Cage of Dreams tonight.

Knavish tricks from the rebel alliance lured 11 club players to Alexandra Park for what turned out to be a pleasant, informal 90 minute session.

There were goals galore for three players.

Iron Russ got five, Super Dunc got five himself and The Chairman hammered home four of his own. Touchline Mike got a brace and Big Andy, El Jay and Ricky DLTN chipped in with one apiece.

Russ set the tone for a long-range shooting game with his first through a crowd of legs, so far in the right corner that The Cat couldn’t keep it out despite getting a good hand to it.
After that it was a bit of a free for all goal-wise to be honest.

Dunc certainly had his shooting boots on – scoring five – including an assist from his goalie who found him with a lengthy roll out allowing him to turn and score in one movement.
Truth be known he could have had ten. As it was, good interchanges with Scouse Phil, allowed both strikers to score at ease.

The Blues saw Nutkin at right back with Russ, El Jay, Holy Paul, Posh Andy supported by two rebs. The third reb, who memorably ‘gave Horntye a swerve’ played in defence for the Pinks with The Cat in goal, Touchline at left back, Big Andy and Rick in the Middle with Dunc and the Chairman up front.

Seven a side in The Cage is a big ask because space is limited but it was good tempered and a good natured post-Christmas walkabout despite The Cat’s uneccesary profanities when his rebel arch nemesis beat him twice with jammy toe-pokes which usually hit the sideline fences.

Holy Paul scored one with his backside – winning the award for deflection of the night.

There was some good defensive play from Touchline, Big Andy and the Nutkin, all putting in good blocks and tackles. But for sheer class tonight there was no one to beat Russ. Slide-rule finishing, constant encouragement, a maestro in the middle of the park. He is back from his ban and looking good for the ’22 season in the league.

It ended something like 14 -8 but crucially the charismatic Welshman TLM scored the golden goal to secure the game for the Pinks and even kicked the ball with his right foot – a feat not attempted in 20 years.

Happy New Year to all. The goals have all been logged in the Golden Boot Computer.

MOM: Iron Russ but honourable mentions for Dunc and Scouse Phil for some excellent finishing.