Tony Harris

  Rarities are a thing. Rockinghorse Poo is rare, Jordan marriages that last are rarer. But the rarest thing in the world is a Hassan strike from 12 yards that stays on target and gives the keeper no chance. When the ball came to the exuberant bus driver the watching […]


  Second week back on the Field of Dreams ( also known as the field of turds) while the vandalized cage is being fixed. It was a straight 60-minute fight – in three chukkas – between the Blues led by Scouse Phil and the Wine Gums skippered by Big H. […]


  Allied airmen shot down over occupied France and Germany during 1940 were among the longest-held prisoners of the Second World War. The Stalag Luft camps and indeed Colditz Castle became their home for many long years. And their sense of freedom, their expressions of joy on their release and […]


  With Tier 3 looming in Hastings there was an uncertain sense of foreboding in The Cage of Dreams tonight. A good squad of 15 players turned out for what may or may not turn out to be the last session before Christmas. And that’s where the season of goodwill […]


  Word is beginning to spread about the Walking Football revolution in Hastings. The Over 50s now have a proper club to join and tonight two new players threw themselves into the fray. Mark and Ersin hadn’t played for a while and took a few minutes to get into the […]


  The evening was cold but the welcome was warm in the Cage of Dreams tonight. Alexandra Park’s tatty astroturf under floodlights is as good a playing surface as anything municipal and the new promotional club banner set the scene for a super night’s walking football. Scores don’t prove anything […]


The last game in the Cage of Dreams before the second lockdown brought everyone out for a final hurrah – possibly of the year. Sixteen walking footballers split into three teams for a close-fought Corona mini tournament. It was a session for goalkeepers and goal scorers with a couple of […]


The one thing that is lacking in the Cage of Dreams is a sweeper. There are so many leaves on the pitch that we ought to buy a brush. Autumn is here and the conditions are decidedly chilly but the walking football in Alexandra park is heart-warmingly good. What a […]


An exhilarating display of the beautiful game in the Cage of Dreams tonight. Two well-matched teams had at each other with gusto for a thrilling five all result. The Blues – captained by Chairman Phil – took an early unanswered three-nil lead thanks to the heroics of The Cat in […]


The playmaker is the key to any successful team. Names like Glen Hoddle, Gazza and Gerrard spring to mind. But to influence a game you have to give them the ball. So take the opposing playmakers at the Saturday Session in the Cage of Dreams. For the Blues there was […]