Player pen portrait

Ali Yukselir
Nickname: Oh My Cod!
Position: Centre forward
Football career: Played to a high standard of club football in Turkey to fringe professional level. After moving to Hastings from London he found time to play walking football and credits it for opening up his social life.
Career: Has an honours degree in mining engineering from a top Turkish university but never practiced and entered the restaurant trade.
Walking football history: Press-ganged into playing a session by a compatriot he was pounced on by our talent scouts who realized he is something special. Is forming an extraordinary strike partnership with Mehdi (67) which may be all-conquering post-Covid when we can play competitions against other clubs.
Inspirations: Galatasaray when in Turkey and Liverpool (one of our quartet of dedicated Reds) when in the UK. A high-class judo fighter, his two sons excel at the sport with both boys having fought internationally.

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