Player pen portrait

Howard Whitelaw
Nickname: Big H
Position: Goalkeeper
Football career: Played in the William Parker 1st team whilst at secondary school, winning the Hastings Schools Town Shield in the process, as well as Hollington and Vale Boys youth teams, moving into local Sunday League sides in his teens and early 20s, before stepping away from the game at 21, not returning for nearly 30 years.
Career: Left school at 15 to become a trainee baker but changed careers when he realized he would be expected to start at 2a.m. at the age of 18! Moved into industry and re-located to Birmingham at 24 to manage a distribution depot for a local plastics company before heading back south and holding management posts across several business sectors. Has been co-owner of local stonemasons Yew Tree Stone since 2012.
Walking football history: Howard joined the sessions in Hastings in 2018 but spent last season keeping goal for Bexhill Walking Football Club before moving back to play for his home town when Hastings 1066 Walking Football formed for the coming season.
Inspirations: An avid Man. Utd supporter since the late ’70s, Howard is inspired by his older footballing colleagues and is a big advocate of Walking Football as a way to improve and maintain mental health, increase social circles and maintain general fitness.

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