Player pen portrait

Mehdi Hoss
Nickname: The Assassin
Position: Goal hanger
Football career: Mehdi’s given name means ‘Rightly guided’ which is not always true of his attempts on goal when he hasn’t got his shooting boots on. He is extremely modest and we had to tease it out of him that he has actually played international football at Under 21 level for Iran when he was still in his teens. He also played for the Iranian army.

Mehdi’s language can be colourful. He has fantastic skills and close ball control – often being a move ahead of the play. He worked in catering until fairly recently. He adopted Liverpool as his English club and often wears their strip. He has a winning and dazzling smile. We are unsure who spends more on their dentistry – Medhi (67) or J├╝rgen Klopp.

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