Player pen portrait


Mike Pearce
Nickname: Touchline Mike.
Position: Left back.
Football career: Played youth football in his native Carmarthen. As an adult he turned out for an Inland Revenue team in Bournemouth for several years which he describes as having been ‘very taxing’.
Career: Worked for HMRC and most notably for a contraband detection team at Heathrow Airport. Mike is now a freelance rugby journalist and author who covers international and major club matches. As @MPsportsdragon linkable from his website he has an impressive 2,800 Twitter followers. His book on the ‘hard men’ of French rugby comes out in 2022.
Walking football history: Came to us via the website (so we must be doing something right) in the summer of 2021. His nickname stems from his fluid ideas about speed and manner of put-ins during his opening session at Horntye.
Inspirations: Bournemouth FC and Gareth Edwards. (As a 10-year-old, Mike was at Cardiff Arms Park in 1973 for THE try.)

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