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Covid risk assessment

Covid-19 Risk Assessment



  1. Hastings 1066 Walking Football holds playing sessions for the over 50s with many footballers being in their 60s and some over 70. The latter are deemed higher risk than the general population and are more likely to suffer from the complications of contracting Covid.
  2. Nationally, Hastings has a relatively low incidence of confirmed Covid cases. However, during walking football matches players are in close proximity to each other and there is always the potential for spreading the virus.


To strike a reasonable balance between freedom to play and enjoy walking football and minimising the risk of catching and spreading Covid-19.


a,b; Any player who feels unwell, has a new persistent cough, has lost the sense of taste and smell, should not attend the session and should seek advice about getting a Covid test.

a,b; Any player who knows they have been in contact with a Covid-positive person should self-isolate as per the government’s instructions and not attend sessions until this isolation period is over.

a,b; Players should give their name and contact details at the start of the session so if any player proves positive for Covid, the other players in the group can be contacted.

a,b; All players will have their temperature taken prior to entering the playing area.

a,b; Players waiting to play should be socially distanced by two metres.

a,b; During the warm-up, players should if possible be socially distanced by two metres.

a,b; The need to swap bibs should be minimised; wherever possible players should keep to their original bib or wear an unused one.

a,b; In between games, players should use hand sanitiser.

a,b; Upon finishing a game, players should leave the playing area by the corner exit.

a,b; Shaking hands or hugging during a sessions will be replaced by fist bump or elbow-to-elbow contact.