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Report 1st October 2022

Such diversity of interests and occupations at Hastings United WF.

Saturday’s session saw Posh leave early to play in a chess tournament; Ali to open his chip shop, The Cat to drive four hours to get a standing ovation in Weymouth and Rick to put a bet on.

It was a good session and this is the overview:

The Coach’s pass-and-move warm up was well-received and the play looked good as a result.

Oh My Cod returned from a month (on a free to Shiska Kebab) in Turkey and, although he looked sharp, didn’t score. Iron Russ returned from several birthdays and family events and ran the whole show for 90 minutes.

Despite the proliferation of keepers in our club, Ricky DLTN was the only glove merchant on parade. He prefers playing up-front these days because he “comes alive when he scores” but gave an absolute object lesson in goalkeeping making a string of saves in what was the lowest scoring session of all time. And – pressed into service – Puffing Paul and Wingnut both showed their skills between the sticks and were outstanding too.

Deadeye Chris started slowly with a few woeful efforts but once he got his eye in scored two pearlers, turning on a tanner and rifling home from the edge of the box. Best goal of the day went to Jimbo though, thanks to a superb pair of one-twos with Chairs. They absolutely carved through the centre and then celebrated with a modest high five. Incredible to watch.

Deano was immense. Thanks to his reacto-light specs nobody has ever seen his eyes, if he has any, but his laser vision for the through ball once he’s won it at the back is outstanding. He and Russ were cut from the same cloth.

Bexhill Chris was as meek as a lamb today and didn’t bump anybody off and Matty and Legendary Rog – the wide men – both had fine outings without scoring.

The Cat reffed calmly and explained every decision even if he didn’t get them all right.

MoM: Ricky. He is reluctant to play ‘in’ these days but when he does, he is simply unbeatable.