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Protocol for in-house training/playing sessions

During Covid regulations (if Covid regulations are re-introduced) all players must have their temperature taken before being allowed access onto the playing area. Players are (will be) required to provide their name and contact details for track-and-trace purposes.

The aim is to create a fun, competitive and safe session which is enjoyed by everyone.

Sessions should start and finish on time.

Subs are payable both by members and pay-per-play players for each session.

All players will be involved in a warm-up session before the game starts.

All matches will be refereed either by a competent person in-house or an external referee.

Swearing and other unacceptable language during a match either from the sidelines or by players may be offensive to some and is strongly discouraged.

There must be no arguments from players or spectators about refereeing decisions.

There must be no arguments or public displays of anger between players.

Players improving their play, getting fitter and enjoying the session is more important than the score.